Wheelchair Van & Lift Funding

Locating sources of funding to adapt or purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle can sometimes be more of a challenge than selecting the vehicle itself! Success often depends on knowing where to look. Your BraunAbility dealer can help guide you in your search, but it’s important to recognize opportunities that may be unique to your circumstances.

Mobility Rebate Programs from Manufacturers
Manufacturers who offer rebates on new vehicle modifications include:


National Organizations Offering Grants

Many organizations offer grants and funding to help those with physical disabilities.

Byran Riesch Paralysis Foundation offers grants up to $10,000 to individuals with spinal cord injury to assist with payment for vehicle modifications, wheelchairs and ramps. Contact: BRPF Charitable Grants, 262-547-2083, info@brpf.org.

G.O.A.L.S. Inc. (Go Out And Live Successfully) helps people with spinal cord injuries; funding is dedicated to items such as wheelchairs, ceiling lifts, stair glides, repairs to vans. Contact: G.O.A.L.S. Inc., 561-212-6499.

Kya's Krusade offers support for children (age 18 years and less) who have arthrogryposis or other physical disabilities. Fund provides up to $1,000 for mobility aids and other equipment. Contact: Kya's Krusade Funding Assistance, 614-750-2198, info@kyakrusade.org.

Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation (MDFF) offers adaptive equipment to individuals and families affected by any one of 40 neuromuscular diseases. Contact: Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation, 800-544-1213.

Multiple Scerlosis Foundation offers an Assistive Technology Program that provides products, such as vehicle modification and other mobility devices. Brighter Tomorrow offers up to $1,000 per person to improve quality of life for those with MS, such as wheelchair ramps. Contact: MSF Programs, 888-673-6287, support@msfocus.org.

SCORE (Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment) helps individuals with spinal cord injuries (preference to young people injured while participating in sports) to fund items such as vehicle adaptations. Contact: SCORE, 323-655-8298, questions@scorefund.org.

Travis Roy Foundation offers grants (ranging from $4,000 to $7,500) to paraplegics or quadriplegics paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. Contact: Travis Roy Foundation, 617-619- 8257.

United Spinal Association offers a maximum grant of $500 through the Adaptive Automotive Grant to help in installing/adapting an auto. Contact: United Spinal Association, 800-404-2898.

Support for Veterans
The Veterans Administration may have programs that cover all or part of your expenses, depending on the nature of your disability. http://www.va.gov/

Financing Your Wheelchair Van or Lift
Automotive Innovations can handle all of your financing needs with competitive rates and custom-structured programs.

Working with us is:

•Easy – a simple credit application.
•Convenient – contact us at any time
•Flexible – new and used vehicles, 36 to 120 month terms
•Competitive - low rates
•Fast – we work quickly to get you back on the road