Electronic Parking Brake

Automotive Innovations designed the Electric Parking Brake push button control to set the parking brake with ease.

Our design is long lasting and has been in use for more than 20 years. With a unique electronic and compact design allowing for easy installation by our certified technicians. Usually required when driving from a wheelchair or power-chair. Conveniently located touch control.

Our EPB works on most vehicles with ABS Brakes.

Easy to use

To set simply press the button until the Parking Brake is applied to the desired amount.

EPB Features

•Unique and compact design.
•Directly interfaces with mechanical parking brake system.
•Compact enough for custom mounting and applications.
•Mounts inside the vehicle no part of the EPB is outside of the vehicle so it's protected from the elements.

Setting your parking brake daily, will help you lower your maintenence costs on your parking brake cable. More importantly, it helps retain braking power for when you need it.