Finance Options For Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Purchase

Finance Handicapped Vans and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Bringing you the best possible financing options is easy at Automotive Innovations for people, because we work with lenders across the country. Our lenders have programs designed to ensure that you find the best terms available on handicapped vans and wheelchair accessible vehicles, and these lenders have a remarkable 95% approval rating for credit applications. This makes it easier than ever for you to get the mobility van that you need, whether you are seeking a new or used vehicle.

Affordable Disability Vehicle Payments

Offering extended terms to our customers is just one more way that we help make it easier to find the vehicle that you need. These terms offer up to ten years to pay off a disability vehicle, lowering your payments so that they are more affordable. Our loans do offer simple rates, ensuring that early repayment does not mean penalties for you and ensuring that all money paid in addition to the minimum due is applied directly to the principal balance of your loan.

Special Service Programs for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The mobility vehicle that you choose will be a very important part of your life, and Automotive Innovations will help our clients with extended service plans that can help you keep your investment protected. We know how important protection and peace of mind can be, and our plans will cover your vehicle, your mobility system, or both for many years and many miles.

Our protection plans offer terms that have an array of deductibles. You will find that deductibles range from zero up to one hundred dollars, and that the plans span anywhere from one to seven years. All of our new wheelchair accessible vehicles and most of our used handicap vans can be outfitted with one of these plans. Protecting your vehicle costs only a few cents per day and can help you eliminate the expense and stress that come with unexpected repairs.

Automotive Innovations your adaptive dealer for wheelchair accessible vans in Massachusetts gives the disabled easier and quicker mobility. Please contact us and we will help you get started